Baby Lock/Brother Comparison Chart

by Nicholas Myers on April 05, 2021


Alright, so it's no secret that the two brand names: Baby Lock and Brother have become quite interchangeable in some sewing circles (pun intended). We thought it was time we presented the evidence so it's as clear as day.

Below, you will find a comparison chart showing which Baby Lock Models equal the Brother equivalent. These models have slightly different characteristics, but their main components are nearly identical.

In most cases, the largest difference is which designs are included on each respective brand. The two brands work closely together, and they produce some of the finest embroidery machines on the market.

So why choose Baby Lock?

We believe the best answer boils down to 3 reasons:

  1. Baby Lock is a sewing-focused company which means your needs are at the top priority of the factory, the staff, and us, as independent retailers.
  2. Baby Lock offers additional models - such as sergers that include custom patents built and designed in Japan.
  3. The level of support you receive in both service and training. It's been our experience that Baby Lock's motto holds true - it's all "for the love."
Baby Lock
Baby Lock Model Name Year
PR680W Entrepreneur  BMY6 Array 2021
NQ3700D Innov-is BLMVE Vesta 2021
NQ1700E Innov-is BLMFL Flare 2021
BQ3100 Innov-is BLCH Chorus 2021
BQ2500 Innov-is BLBA Ballad 2021

XJ1 (Stellaire Series)

BLTA Altair 2019
XE1 (Stellaire Series) BLMA Meridian 2019
VM5200( Essence Series) BLAE Aerial 2019
VE2300 (Essence Series) BLPF Pathfinder 2019
XP1 Luminaire BLSA Solaris 2018
PEDESIGN11 ECS11 Palette 11 2018
(was BL510A)
Accomplish (Baby Lock changed name) 2018
(was BL210A)
Brilliant (Baby Lock changed name) 2018
NS80PRW BL80B Jubilant 2018
(was VQ3000)
Same as BLCR Crescendo machine
(Brother changed model#, branded Quilt Club, and added Quilters Bundle)
(was VQ2400)
Same as BLAR Aria machine
(Brother changed model#, branded Quilt Club, and added Quilters Bundle)
(was NQ1300PRW)
Same as BLMSP Soprano machine
(Brother changed model#, branded Quilt Club, and added Quilters Bundle)
(was NQ900PRW)
Same as BLMLR Lyric machine
(Brother changed model#, branded Quilt Club, and added Quilters Bundle)
PR670E BMT6 Intrepid 2017
NQ3600D BLMAV2 Aventura II 2017
NQ1600E BLMFO2 Flourish II 2017
NS1750D BLMVR Verve 2017
NQ575PRW BLMPR2 Presto II 2017
PR1050X BMV10 Valiant 2016
XV8550D BLDY2 Destiny II 2016
NS2750D BLMCC Accord 2016
NQ550PRW BLMPR Presto 2016
PRS100 BNAL Alliance 2015
NQ3500D BLMAV Aventura 2015
NQ1400E BLMFO Flourish 2015
NQ1300PRW BLMSP Soprano 2015
NQ900PRW BLMLR Lyric 2015
NQ700PRW BL210A Katherine 2015
XV8500D BLDY Destiny 2014
PR655 BND9-2 Endurance II 2013
NV6750D BLSOG2 Ellisimo Gold II 2013
VM5100 BLJY Journey 2013
VQ2400 BLAR Aria 2013
NS40E BL50A Rachel 2013
VM6200D BLTY Unity 2012
VE2200 BLPY Spirit 2012
VQ3000 BLCR Crescendo 2012
PR1000E BNT10L Enterprise 2011
PR650E BND9 Endurance 2011
NV6700D BLSOG Ellisimo Gold 2011
NV5000 BLG3 Ellegante 3 2011
PR1000 BNT10 Enterprise 2010
NX2000 BLSY Symphony 2010
NV950D BL137A2 Sofia2 2010
PQ1500S BL500A Jane 2010
NX800 BLMY Melody 2010
NX450 BL200A Elizabeth 2010
NX250 BLTP Tempo 2010
PR650 BMP9 Embroidery Professional Plus 2009
NV2800D BLL2 Ellageo Plus 2009
NV1250D BLR3 Ellure Plus (with USB type A) 2009
NV6000D BLSO Ellisimo 2008
NV900D BL137A Sofia 2008
QC1000 BLSR-EB Espire (Limited Edition) 2008
NS40 BL40A Grace 2008
NV4500D BLG2 Ellegante 2 2007
NV4500D BLG2-NZ Ellegante 2 (Limited Signature Edition) 2007
NS40 BL40 Creative Pro 2007
PR620 BMP8 Embroidery Professional 2007
PE700II BLMR Embroidery only machine w/USB 2007
NX250 BLCC2 New Crafter's Choice 2006
NX450 BLDC2 New Decorator's Choice 2006
NX650 BLQC2 New Quilter's Choice 2006
PR600II BMP6 Embroidery Professional 2006
QC1000 BLSR Espire 2006
NV1200 BLR2 Ellure Plus (with USB type B) 2006
NV1000 BLR Ellure 2005
NV1500D BLN Esante 2005
NV2500D BLL Ellageo 2005
PS3700 BL37 Creative Pro 2005
NV4000D BLG Ellegante 2004
PR600 EMP6 Embroidery Professional 2003
NV500D, SE270D INT Intrigue 2003
NX200 BLCC Crafter's Choice 2002
NX400 BLDC Decorator's Choice 2002
NX600 BLQC Quilter's Choice 2002
ULT2003D ESG3 Ellageo 3 2002
ULT2002D ESG2 Ellageo 2 2001
ULT2001 ESG Ellageo 2000
PQ1500S BLQP Quilter's Choice Professional 2000
PC8500D/8500 ESE2 Esante 2 1999
PC6500 ESL Ellure 1999
PC8200 ESE Esante 1996


If you're ready to take your sewing, embroidery, quilting, or serger needs to the next level - you can count on us to deliver. Check out which machines we have to offer by clicking here.


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