Embroider Your Own Emoji - National Emoji Day

by Nicholas Myers on July 17, 2021

Embroider Your Own Emoji - National Emoji Day

Have you ever wanted to embroider those cute emojis we use on the daily? I'm sure most of you have used a smartphone to send one over text... In celebration of National Emoji Day, we wanted to bring you a tutorial on how you can embroidery one yourself using an embroidery machine! So, let's first figure out if your machine is emoji-ready or if you'll need to download a design.


Which Machines Already Have Pre-Installed Emoji Designs?

After speaking with some of the experts over at Baby Lock, I was able to create a list of machines that the emoji designs appear on. It is a short list, but here you go:


  • Altair
  • Meridian

It seems like this design category was only added in the last few years so if we can predict it staying I would suggest that we continue to see it on any new Baby Lock Embroidery Machines.


Where Can I Find Emoji Embroidery Designs?

I did a quick Google Search to find the majority of these designs live on Embroiderydesigns.com

Click below to be re-directed to their site: https://www.embroiderydesigns.com/listing/stockdesign/emoji.aspx

Additionally, you could always search on sites like Etsy or eBay. Just make sure to download the correct format for your machine.


Brand Format
Baby Lock PES
Bernina EXP or ART
Brother PES
Elna JEF
Husqvarna/Viking HUS, VP3, or VIP
Janome JEF or SEW
Pfaff PCS, VP3 or VIP
Singer XXX


Alright, I've Got My Design, Now How Do I Do It?

For our example today, we'll be showing you on our Baby Lock Altair.


1. Select your embroidery design.


 Selecting embroidery screen on Baby Lock Altair


Selecting embroidery design categories on Baby Lock Altair


2. Hoop your stabilizer and fabric. We recommend using cut-away for this patch.


Front of Hoop | Emoji Day


Back of Hoop | Emoji Day


3. Embroider it out and be patient! Even though ours was done using a 4x4 hoop it still took 28 minutes to complete so set some time aside.


Emoji Day Workspace


4. Trim the excess like we did or leave it on the fabric!


Finished Emoji Project


Finished Emoji Project Trimmed


Can't Get Enough Emoji Designs?

Our friends at DIME sell a software specifically created for Emojis! Check their software out here: https://inspiredbydime.com/inspiration-software/my-emoji-stitches/


My Emoji Stitches Software by DIME



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