Our Favorite Thread Conversion Chart

Hey there everyone,

It's Nick again - hopefully, you're not tired of hearing from me ;)

I wanted to share my most-helpful tip for converting all lines of thread brands & styles.

In this link, you'll be directed to Embroidery Library's magnificent Thread Exchange Page!




Convert from popular brands like:

  • Brother
  • Coats & Clark
  • Exquisite
  • Isacord/Mettler
  • Madeira
  • Robison-Anton
  • and more!

Even though our Baby Lock Embroidery Machines have Thread Conversion built-in we find this tool handy when say you're shopping in-store at Myers Sewing & you just need to find the right color for your project!


Embroidery Library has beautiful designs and they also own Urban Threads: two of our favorite & most trusted websites for embroidery designs to date. The designs they're digitizing over there are just too cool!

Be sure to support them too if you're looking for new designs to use on your embroidery machine!

As always, let's Keep The Needle Movin'

- Nick Myers

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