Intro to the Baby Lock Vibrant

by Nicholas Myers on April 01, 2021


The Baby Lock Vibrant is our introductory serger and a part of our genuine collection and we are going to show you how to set up for a four thread overlock.

To get started you'll see this is a manual threading serger, which means we will show you exactly how to thread your upper looper, lower looper, left needle and right needle. 

Bring our thread from the back of the machine we will loop it through the scope, and slide it underneath this metal pretension. Once it has slid in bring down the rest of the thread to your thigh, we do this so we know we have enough thread to thread the machine.

threading scope and metal pretension

Taking our thread we are now going to go behind the first thread guide. 

right thread guide

Once the thread has been inserted then we will follow each of the blue markers with the thread.

blue thread markers

6 inch tweezers can be super helpful when thread the serger and in this case we are doing the lower looper first.

first hold for blue thread

second blue thread holder

Take the tweezers and loop it through the lower looper.

tweezers loop lower looper

Bring your thread onto the tiny hook onto the left. 

thread tiny hook on left

Bring your thread to the back of the machine.

move thread to back of machine

Now for the upper looper, it’s almost the same thing. Take your thread from the back of the machine and got through your scope and underneath the metal pretension. Then take the thread and go all the way down to your thigh.

thread machine looper

Make sure the thread goes behind the thread guide.

left thread needle guide

Then follow each green marker for where to place the thread. You can see each place with the red circles in the below image. As always tweezers are useful in tight spaces. Once threaded bring the thread to the back of the machine.

review thread guide green

Since we are setting up for a 4 thread overlock we are going to use two needles, both left and right. As always we are going to take our thread from the back of the machine and through the scope. For the needles we have some metal protrusions on the machine that state “Right Needle” and “Left Needle”

Using the Right Needle protrusion we go from right to left, go around the front, then go front left to right. Once completed you’ll go clockwise around the tension disc until you hear a click.

 right needle disc thread

Then you’ll bring it down towards your machine. There is a thread guide on each side of the needle, which helps keep your thread closer to the needle. Once set go ahead and thread the needle. The tweezers are helpful here too.

thread guide right needle

Now for the left needle we are going to do the same thing. Take your thread through the scope, go right to left on the metal protrusion, go around front and the left to right. Once completed you’ll go clockwise around the tension disc until you here the click again.

left thread needle disc

With the thread through the disc you’ll now bring the thread to go underneath and over the bridge. Then you’ll being the thread behind the left thread guide for the needle to then thread it with the tweezers.

Now we are all set up for our 4 thread overlock.

When you sew with it you’ll get a product similar to that of the image below.

 baby lock 4 thread overlock example


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