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by Nicholas Myers on August 04, 2021

We admit it; there's a learning curve to every new hobby, and sewing is no different. Whether you've stumbled upon this page with the intention to start sewing or you're simply looking for information, you're in the right place.

We have comprised a list of our favorite questions when searching Google for "sewing machines". This is meant to help you educate yourself and others. Maybe you'll even feel the inspiration to unpack that machine sitting in the closet or search out a dealer to help you get started.

DISCLAIMER: We are an Authorized Baby Lock Retailer, so all answers are directly from our experience, but are exactly that. We encourage you to make your own choices when it comes to who you do business with. At the end of the day, if more people are educated on sewing, we feel like we've done our job. Without further ado, enjoy our Top 50 Q&A's!


Technique Q&As

Stitch speed or stitches per minute. Our fastest machine is the Baby Lock Accomplish which can sew up to 1,500 Stitches per minute.

Our best suggestion is a pillowcase. There are plenty of tutorials to help you. Here is one from Baby Lock: Easy Burrito Pillowcase

The short answer is yes. Although quilting can be much more enjoyable on a dedicated long-arm machine, you can still create stitches to assemble and finish quilts on a regular sewing machine.

Sewing machines are like any motor-powered machinery, they have cranks, rods, and gears... Sometimes those tendencies need to be re-timed. Skipped stitches are usually a sign of a hook to needle timing error. We can fix that!

Tension issues most likely. You can read our full guide on sewing machine tension here, or stop by to have a technician analyze the issue.

Jamming can occur from a lack of oil or regular maintenance. If you recently had it serviced, make sure your bobbin case is set correctly. If you're not sure, disassemble the bobbin/bobbin case unit, then reassemble it to see if that fixed your issue. If not, you might want to ask your local sewing machine repair shop.

This term is one of the funnier ones we stumbled across 😆 What generally seems like a machine is "eating" fabric is when your machine's feed dogs are not functioning properly. This is an advanced repair and we highly suggest taking it to your local repair shop.

Similar to the "jamming" question from earlier, you will want to try the bobbin case troubleshooting, as mentioned above.

Any machine that has a strong enough chassis can sew through multiple layers of denim. In fact, our entire lineup of machines can. For the full list, click here: Browse Sewing Machines from Myers Sewing

Some sewing machines will offer monogram stitches that will give one the ability to stitch lettering, but it is limited. For the full answer, you'll want to research an embroidery machine as that's its main job! Browse our selection here: Embroidery Machines from Myers Sewing

Let's get it straight. An embroidery machine makes the patch, and a sewing machine sews it onto the garment. For both, you'll want a Sewing/Embroidery Combination Machine: See what machines we offer.

We'll say it again, "Jamming can occur from a lack of oil or regular maintenance. If you recently had it serviced, make sure your bobbin case is set correctly. If you're not sure, disassemble the bobbin/bobbin case unit, then reassemble it to see if that fixed your issue. If not, you might want to ask your local sewing machine repair shop.

Plenty of brands from the likes of Baby Lock, Bernina, Brother, Elna, Janome, Pfaff, Viking & more all share the same flat back needle system. It is worth noting though that certain Singer Needle Packs do not work as they are manufactured to only be used on Singer Machines. Serger, Long Arm & Industrial Needles are in their own categories as well, so you'll want to refer to each machine's instruction manual. Read our full guide on needles.

The short answer is no. Sewing machines typically separate themselves into 4 different camps of shank styles.  

1. Low Shank

2. High Shank

3. Slant Shank

4. Super High Shanks

Even when comparing feet within a certain shank group there are other factors that make most feet incompatible with others like needle hole size & position.

Nope! Each brand of sewing machine sells its own dedicated bobbins.

There are many from the likes of APQS, Baby Lock, Bernina, Handi Quilter, and more, but here is our best seller. Experience the Baby Lock Regalia.

We'll say it again, "Jamming can occur from a lack of oil or regular maintenance. If you recently had it serviced, make sure your bobbin case is set correctly. If you're not sure, disassemble the bobbin/bobbin case unit, then reassemble it to see if that fixed your issue. If not, you might want to ask your local sewing machine repair shop.

In general, the Handi Quilter Forte (24"), but within our brand, it's the Baby Lock Regalia (20"). I suspect we will have our own 24" version coming soon...

Sewing machines are a staple in many households, as they are used for everything from sewing clothes to repairing curtains.

Preferences Q&A's

You'll want a machine that's capable of sewing multiple layers of denim. The Zest, Zeal, and Accomplish are our 3 favorites that we guarantee can get the job done. They can do this because they use metal gears instead of plastic ones.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better value for the money than our Baby Lock Zest. It's affordable, comes with a warranty, and there are plenty of video tutorials on how to use it. Plus, as mentioned above, it can sew on denim & even leather! Now, of course, our Certified Pre-Owned Machines are always another option.

We have developed a quiz you can take to find out which machine is best suited for your needs. Take the quiz now!

In short, a machine that is well-made & properly maintained is as reliable as you can get. When choosing, see if the machines you're researching have metal or plastic gears. Metal will last much longer.

Certainly! Now, the asterisk here is that some models found in big-box stores are manufactured to be like "disposable cameras" meaning at some point they will no longer be repairable. In our experience, for a little bit more $$ it's a better bet to spend $149 - $200.

Sewing is a craft that has been around for centuries, and it's still going strong today. It's an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, and it's something you can do in your spare time, with friends, or as part of a hobby. Sewing is also a great way to save money on clothes and other items.

We suggest spending $149 - $200 on your first machine; however, it will also depend on what your own personal needs are. We'd be happy to help you through the researching process if you need some assistance, call 719-596-1165, then press 1 for our Sales & Orders Extension.

The Baby Lock Zest. If you’re ready to find a new sense of excitement through sewing, you’ll find a great place to start with Zest! Whether you’re looking to put together simple craft projects or need a basic travel machine, the Zest is exactly what you need.

Instead of "better" we like the term more capable. For example, computerized machines feature electronic speed control, default stitch width/length, and needle up/down buttons. These can make your sewing a more convenient experience. For the most affordable machine, look no further than the Baby Lock Jubilant.

Throughout our history, we have sold multiple brands, but we have stuck with Baby Lock for the last 20+ years. Our experience has shown us that no other company does it better when it comes to their product selection, endless education & support, and innovative easy-to-use features.

When we're asked this question in-store, we first analyze if you want a machine that embroiders, or not. Here are 3 from all different categories.

The Baby Lock Presto II for 3 reasons:

1. You get 8.3” workspace to the right of the needle.

2. You get an integrated thread cutter.

3. You get Baby Lock's advanced needle threader.

The Baby Lock Joy because it features a needle threader, a quick-set top-loading bobbin system, and an affordable price tag 😄

Either the Baby Lock Zest if you plan to sew a single layer of genuine cowhide leather or the Baby Lock Accomplish if you plan to sew two layers!

The Baby Lock Zeal because it features a strong enough chassis to make it through multiple layers of denim without skipping a stitch.

If you're an experienced sewist, but you're not wanting to break the bank, then we recommend the Baby Lock Vibrant Serger. Sure, it's not a "sewing machine", but having an overlock machine means you can zip through those seams with ease!

The one that best suits your needs! If you need help with your journey into sewing, then we'd be happy to assist. 719-596-1165

There are sew many options out there (pun intended.) Take our quiz to find out which machine is best for you!

A general rule of thumb could be to start as early as 10 years old since the youth's brain has developed enough to sew safely, but we definitely recommend starting them out with some classes. Check out our class calendar to see when you can schedule your next kids class!

Miscellaneous Q&A's

If you have ever watched professionals on YouTube like Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company or Rob Appell from Man Sewing, you'll see that they use a semi-industrial sewing machine. Older videos show the Baby Lock Jane, but newer ones feature the Baby Lock Accomplish.

In our repair shop, we work on models that date back to the 1940s. By my calculation, that's over 80 years! Of course, nothing worthwhile in life happens without a little bit of elbow grease so you'll want to keep your machines serviced & running in tip-top shape. 

Sewing can take part in engaging both the left & right sides of your brain. The logical side (more so with quilting and fabric calculations) and the creative side (when you start to engage in your craft and can visualize what the final project should look like.)

Yes, some of our clients have started their own embroidery businesses on Etsy as a stay-at-home job where they can do quite well creating customized embellishments and enjoying it at the same time.

Although they're no longer sold as a set like they were back in the 1950s and 60s era, we offer cumulative discounts for someone who wants to buy both!

No machine in today's market can replicate what a serger can do, but we do sell an accessory that can get you close. It's called the Side Cutter Foot where it trims the fabric as you sew it similar to a serger.

Yes, most modern computerized machines are equipped with a built-in screen. Our Baby Lock Solaris II even features a tablet-sized screen: think the size of an iPad!

Yes, you can. The following machines include an extension table with your purchase:

You sure can. These machines are called Sewing & Embroidery Combination Machines.

If you're in the area, you can visit us at: 3770 E. La Salle St. Colorado Springs, CO 80909 We give FREE estimates! Now, if you live elsewhere, then you should move to Colorado! Just kidding 😂 Look for an Authorized Dealer for the brand of Sewing Machine that you own. Many of the brands have dealer locators on their websites. Here are a few:


In today's day & age, there are several virtual options to learn to sew.

1. If you own a Baby Lock, you should check out sewedclasses.com Baby Lock’s SEWED classes are ready for you to take any time, any place and anywhere there’s an available internet connection. Choose from any of our 900+ video classes and shorts taught by over 35 Baby Lock experts that cover more than 180 Baby Lock products with more videos added regularly. Start today!

2. YouTube - it's the largest community of video creators in the world. Simply search for whatever it is you'd like to learn!

3. Craftsy - they feature sewing-specific classes that can be applied to all different types of machines. Plus, they bring in some really wonderful teachers!


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