"Kimberbell Designs has been designing projects for quilting and machine embroidery in Logan, Utah since 2009. Our passion is helping people feel the joy of creativity by providing superior quilting and machine embroidery experiences.


At Kimberbell Designs, we have a passion for our industry and strive to have a deep understanding of the independent shop owner’s perspective and incorporate it into all elements of our business. We believe that by delivering the very best experience for quilters and embroiderers, we can help drive success for our shop customers, providing the foundation for our own success.

We strive to deliver superior experiences by producing the best project instructions in the industry. Our designs are fun and on-trend. Also, shops can deliver machine embroidery experiences to customers through our unique, proven event model.

Kimberbell Designs took a big leap forward in 2011 when our founder’s sister decided to open a quilt shop in town. Kim wanted desperately to see her twin sister, Kris, succeed in her efforts as a shop owner. She listened intently to Kris’ needs as a shop owner and applied her talents to solve problems she was having by providing products that helped build her business.

Today Kimberbell Designs is a leading provider of quilting and machine embroidery products and a respected brand in the industry. We will continue to expand in these areas with a goal of helping the entire industry thrive. We believe the future is bright for those ready to help others feel the joy of creativity". - Kimberbell

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