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Shaping 100 Years of Fashion...
Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira has always been committed to the production of  embroidery threads.
In 1975, the company began to shift its concentration from the domestic German market to the global marketplace. Then in 1987, subsidiaries were set up worldwide to streamline the distribution process. Today, Madeira maintains a presence throughout the USA, Europe, Japan  key Asian markets.
The international presence proves to be a major benefit for clients, offering complete inventories, close proximity to markets, on-time shipments, access to the latest products and raw materials, and design solutions tailored to meet the needs of local markets.


Madeira's own quality control personnel use state-of-the-art equipment to carry out tests and inspections throughout all phases of production. Such testing includes inspection and testing of raw materials, extensive lab tests before and after dyeing, tests to determine thread performance under all types of production conditions, controls to determine compliance with washing standards, as well as additional tests in compliance with DIN and ISO specifications.

Product development at Madeira revolves around the realization that today’s high-speed computer-controlled embroidery machines demand threads that allow for trouble-free operation. In-house testing with leading embroidery machine manufacturers allows Madeira to produce embroidery threads that are suitable for flawless operation, even in difficult applications

 Green Commitment

For nearly 100 years, Madeira has set the world standard for manufacturing and distributing embroidery thread within an ethical and eco-friendly environment. Adhering from the start to the principles of Re-think, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, Madeira maintains its “choice of market leaders” status by taking a position of responsibility and accountability. 

At the production level

  • Raw materials are purchased only from accredited sources.
  • Sources for raw goods must hold ISO and/or Oeko-Tex certificates.
  • Dying process reduces water consumption by 60% with acquaZero® process.
  • Water that is used is purified and returned to the environment.
  • In order to reduce emissions, natural gas is used for energy.
  • Heat is recycled from other processes for the thread drying system.
  • Over 4 years, Madeira reduced energy consumption by 40%.
  •  code of conduct for employees around the globe.
  • Employees are guaranteed high standards of health and safety.
  • Minimum age requirements for employees are strictly enforced.
  • Madeira exercises social responsibility through contributions". -