Sallie Tomato

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Sallie Tomato is a sewing and quilting shop founded by Jessica Barrera (Kapitanski) in 2014. Jessica has been around sewing and quilting her entire life, and her passion for these crafts led her to start her own business.

Sallie Tomato offers a wide variety of products, including original sewing patterns, bag kits, purse hardware, nylon-coil handbag zippers, cotton, canvas, cork, and faux leather fabrics, as well as sewing machines, notions, interfacings, and stabilizers. Each pattern is complete with step-by-step graphics and instructions, as well as sewing techniques and tips to help you achieve a quality, finished project.

The name of the shop, Sallie Tomato, was developed around Jessica's middle name, Sallie. The tomato pin cushion is the main part of the name and logo design because Jessica creates sewing patterns.

Sallie Tomato is a team of over 20 hard-working individuals who are dedicated to providing you with the best bag making supplies on the market and to helping you create!