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                  "The staff of Sew Steady® works together every day with one mission to pursue, one goal in mind—to improve and enhance your sewing experience. Sew Steady® was founded in the early 90s, and purchased by TipBar Inc. in 2009. The Sew Steady® product line consists of portable acrylic extension tables, cabinet inserts, and sewing accessories designed and customized to fit each individual sewing machine. That customization is what makes Sew Steady® so revolutionary. When you use a Sew Steady® product, you are using something crafted specifically for your machine, designed to elevate your creativity.
                  As part of our core mission, we are always looking for ways to expand our product line. For that reason, in April of 2015 we proudly became the exclusive USA manufacturer and distributor of Westalee Design® tools. There are more than 600 items in the Westalee Design® product line, including the exciting, new-to-the-industry Quilting Ruler Work Feet, more than 400 Ruler Designs for domestic and longarm machines, and more than 200 Patchwork Tools.
                  Sew Steady® and Westalee Design® products will make your sewing better, easier, more effortlessly creative—more fun!" - SewSteady

                  SewSteady (13)

                  Sewsteady, Big 24″ X 24″ Table (SST-BIG)


                  Sewsteady, Cabinet Insets & Inserts


                  Sewsteady, Classic Featherweight 17-3/4″ X 22-1/2″ Table (SST-CLASSIC)


                  Sewsteady, Elevate Bag (SST-BAGLT)


                  Sewsteady, Free Motion Glider (SST-FMGLIDER)


                  Sewsteady, Giant Free Motion Table 24″ X 32″ (SST-GIANT)


                  Sewsteady, Junior 11-1/2″ X 15″ Table (SST-JUNIOR)


                  Sewsteady, Large Table 18″ X 24″ (SST-LARGE)


                  Sewsteady, Long Arm Table 15″ X 16″ (SST-LONGARM)

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