Myers Sewing opened its doors in 1952. Our initial goal was to provide the best sewing machines to our local area. Since that time, we have built and supported an amazing community that continues to thrive to this day.

Our clientele consists of sewists, quilters, embroidery, and serging enthusiasts that rely on us to consistently aid them in their hobbies & businesses. Our success is directly tied to the patronage of our customers. Throughout the years, I have realized how important they are to our very survival. “They’ve put the food on our dinner plates”, as my late grandmother would say. - Nick Myers

Our extensive background allows the Myers Sewing team to give our customers a unique, full-service experience. The Myers Sewing team’s positive track record can proudly say: Myers Sewing knows how to:

(1) provide quality products that could last a lifetime,

(2) support, maintain and train our customers,

(3) supply the necessary tools for any sewist to continue their hobby

Myers Sewing has been consistently featured in the Gazette, praised by Baby Lock for their undying loyalty, and have had the pleasure of being in business for over 70 years! We are people first & that’s how we treat the community around us.


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