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Reports To

The [Repair Technician] will report to [Service Manager & Owners].

Job Overview

As a Repair Technician, your job falls into 7 major tasks (in order). It’s simple:

  1. Greeting repair customers and assisting them by carrying their machines to the counter.
  2. Estimating the repair based on the issues, parts needed, last service, etc.
  3. Knowing when to grab a salesman when you can tell they’d rather buy a new one instead of fixing the old one.
  4. Checking repairs in with the appropriate info (in queue) upon arrival.
  5. Ordering any special parts necessary for repairs, as well as maintaining a complete stock of all essential repair parts.
  6. Working on repairs/services until completion; meanwhile, asking for help when you need it, following our repair procedures, and using problem-solving skills when unforeseen difficulties arise.
  7. Communicating clearly and politely with repair customers upon completion of service with documentation of time and date.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Estimating machines at check-in
  • Making decisions to help guide away from a repair if you find this to be best (grab a salesman for help)
  • Working on machines (both service & repair)
  • Ordering low stock parts and special orders
  • Assisting Service Manager’s needs
  • Communication with repair customers


  • Technical Ability
  • Social Skills
  • Problem-Solving
  • Understanding of Inventory
  • Multi-Tasking with 2 machine repairs at once
  • Can take commands, criticism, and suggestion from superiors

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