ElnaPress 850

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Discover a new way to iron

Elnapress invented the first iron press in 1972 and it’s had more than 45 years of experience and success all over the world.

Elnapress is an iron press that takes full advantage of the power of Natural Vapor and materials like Finnish birch and Swedish pine. Thanks to its heating plate and automatic pressure, you can iron every kind of fabric and garment with extraordinary results and a minimum of effort.

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The advantages of Elnapress

  1. Vapojet
    The Vapojet system guarantees impeccable results. It carries out deep fiber regeneration, giving each garment a shine and natural softness that keeps it from aging.
  2. Ironing board
    The form was designed specifically to facilitate ironing. The eleven alternating layers of Finnish birch and Swedish pine make this ironing board one-of-a-kind. Heat never travels beyond the base, allowing it to be placed and used on any surface.
  3. Heating plate
    The heat is distributed evenly and the heating surface is 10 times that of traditional irons. Made from a special alloy in Peraluman, the plate has a thickness of 3mm.
  4. Jeannette sleeve board
    It’s an exclusive horizontally pivoted component incorporated into the machine that is open on both sides, guaranteeing maximum freedom of movement. It allows the user to speed up the ironing of shirtsleeves and other difficult places.

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Additional Information
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 10 in