Maximum View Projector by DIME

$399.99 $299.99

The Maximum View Projector, or MVP, is your solution for intricate design placement.  See your design on the fabric without taking a stitch. Move the hooped fabric until the design is precisely positioned to your liking, then align a Target Sticker (included) with the crosshair and you’re ready to stitch. It’s so simple, you’ll wonder how you stitched without it!



Simple to Use:

  • Load your embroidery design into the software and write to your USB
  • Project your image directly on your hooped or unhooped fabric
  • Mark your placement with the included Target Stickers
  • Center your needle over the Target Sticker

The Maximum View Projector Includes:

  • Projector
  • Remote control
  • MVP software
  • Target Stickers (30)
  • Text placement stickers (6)
  • Power Supply
  • Table Clamp
  • Adjustable Arm
  • 2 AAA batteries