Riccar, Brilliance Genuine HEPA Media Vacuum Bags, Blue - 6 per pk (RNH-6)

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Why Charcoal Matters

The Taming of the Stench
Almost as shocking as seeing black teeth is the overpowering smell of opening a closet that contains a vacuum cleaner. It’s even more pungent when you turn the vacuum on. That’s because the dirt, food crumbs and pet dander collected in the bag or dust bin accumulates, and when the vacuum is turned on and air begins circulating, the smell emanates. Unless your vacuum is air tight, however, there’s no way to completely contain or eliminate odors. That’s where charcoal filters come in. Charcoal removes odors and indoor volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

An Invisible Danger
VOCs are harmful organic compounds that in almost everything in your home. VOCs may be found in wallpaper, paint, floor coverings, furniture, plastics, cleaners and floor finishes. They can generate a gas ozone that unlike the one that protects earth from radiation, is harmful. That “new carpet” smell and freshly painted room smell? Yep, they’re not good for you. If you work from home, you might be creating additional VOCs by using your essential office equipment. That’s just inside the house. When you air out your house by opening windows or circulating your HVAC fan, it’s pulling in outside air that contains contaminates, too. The goal, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, is to reduce the concentration of VOCs to improve indoor air quality and make your home healthier for crawling babies, pets and everyone else in the home.

Material World
One way to combat odors and VOCs inside the home is to use air filtration devices that contain charcoal filters. Generally speaking, the more charcoal, the better the filtration. That’s why Riccar primarily uses two levels of charcoal filtration.

Charcoal filters are electrostatic filters coated in charcoal dust. They’re useful in capturing a basic level of odors and VOCs. What gets trapped in that filter is that much less to contaminate your indoor air.

Granulated charcoal filters contain significantly more charcoal in large granules with the largest surface area. These thick cartridges are Riccar’s best filters because there’s more material to adsorb odors and gases.

When searching for a vacuum, look for a vacuum with a granulated charcoal filter near the bag, not just at the exhaust air. If you already own a Riccar vacuum, ask your local Riccar dealer if there’s a granulated filter upgrade available for your machine.

Riccar wants families, including ours, to flourish in a healthy indoor environment. That’s why Riccar associates work tirelessly to create the most effective combination of easy-to-use machines, powerful cleaning, HEPA media filtration and in many cases, charcoal filtration. Every time you vacuum your floors using your charcoal or granulated charcoal filter, you’re taking that extra step in creating a healthier home environment. Give yourself a pat on the back – and a big, black, toothy smile.

For Riccar Brilliance models:
  • R30D
  • R30P
  • R30PET

Meets HEPA Filtration Standard of 99.97% efficiency at 0.3 microns.

When To Change the Vacuum Bag

To maintain optimal performance, change your vacuum bag about once a month or when the full bag indicator light is illuminated.

Replacing the Vacuum Bag

IMPORTANT: Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the electrical outlet before replacing the vacuum bag.

  1. Open the bag compartment by lifting up on the latch on the bag compartment cover.
  2. Remove the used vacuum bag by pulling the blue collar tab away from the vacuum. Slide the used bag out of the bag holder which automatically seals the bag. Discard the used bag.
  3. To install a new bag, slide the bottom of the blue bag collar into the bag holder until it "snaps" into place.
  4. Push the top of the bag collar upward until the collar "snaps" into place on the vacuum.
  5. Tuck the bag corners into the bag compartment before replacing the bag compartment cover.
  6. Replace the bag compartment cover and press down on the latch to secure it into place.

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