Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing
Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing
Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing
Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing
Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing
Coronet (BLCT16) - Myers Sewing

Coronet (BLCT16)

Baby Lock
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“The Coronet opens up worlds of possibilities for first-time longarm quilters. The included 5′ frame fits easily into the smallest studio, yet the Coronet has a huge 16″ workspace that gives quilters complete control over their compositions from beginning to end”. - Baby Lock 

Technical Features

• 16” workspace x 8-1/4” high
• 28 Integrated high-intensity LED light ring illuminating quilting area
• 1/4” Interchangeable Hopping Foot
o Holds the fabric in place while the needle completes the stitch
o Hopping foot stroke/lift - 5mm
o Compatible with standard 1/4” thick rulers and templates
• Maximum sewing speed of 1,800 spm
• Manual Stitch Mode allows manual
operation of the machine by selecting
one of the two customizable pre-selected needle speeds.
• Stitch Regulator is built-in and regulates
your selected stitch length from 4 to 18 stitches per inch.
o Stitch regulated mode follows your
lead and is best for ruler work and tracing patterns.
o Cruise Stitch regulated mode allows the needle to immediately begin stitching at the percent speed chosen.
• Included Front and Optional Back Handles for easy control and less fatigue.
o Provides control from two sides
of the machine
o Easy-to-reach rubber grips for comfort
• Handle Bar Control Buttons at
your fingertips
o Needle Up/Down
o Start/Stop
o Speed Up
o Speed Down
• Color LCD touch screen shows:
o LED lighting options
o Stitch counters
o Diagnostics
o Calculator
o Timers
o Hardware and Software info
o Stitch regulated and manual modes
• Programmable Needle Positioning:
Needle Up/Down
• Needle bar stroke - 35.3mm
o Uses Needle System 134, slight ballpoint needle
o Change needles easily with large needle thumb screw
• High-speed rotary hook
• Large capacity “M” class bobbin
• Integrated USB Ports
• External electric bobbin winder with variable speeds
o Adjustable tensions for any type of thread: cotton, polyester, rayon, metallics, holographic
o Thread antenna accommodates guiding thread from larger thread spools
• Two timers
o Reminder timer can be set to sound alarm after a period of time.
o Project timer tracks time spent stitching on a quilt project
• Can use patterns, stencils, threads, 1/4” thick rulers and templates that commercial quilters use

Additional Information

• 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German)
• Solid cast aluminum construction
• Internal brushless DC motor
• Machine weight - 43.4 lbs. • Made in U.S.A. of globally
sourced parts
• Warranty: 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, 5-year parts, 5-year computer, 5-year electrical, 90-day labor

Included Accessories

• Coronet Frame
• Electronic bobbin winder with
variable speeds
• 5 “M” size metal bobbins
• 2 Packs of needles (Size 16 and 18)
• Thread antennae
• Hopping foot
• Interchangeable Open Toe Hopping Foot
• Oiler
• Allen wrenches
• 8mm open wrench
• Cleaning brush
• Screwdriver
• Instruction manual
• Quick Reference Chart