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DIME, Magnetic Hoop Clip (HC00100)

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Align, Clip & Embroider!

Ready to Use With Your Snap Hoop

  • Works with any single needle machine. Ready to use with your Snap Hoop!
  • Ideal for small businesses!
  • Easy to use!

Align, Clip & Embroider! The Magnetic Hoop Clip is ready to use with the bottom frame of Snap Hoop!

  1. Place sticky stabilizer on the bottom frame of Snap Hoop.
  2. Clip the bill of a cap using the Magnetic Hoop Clip for a strong, secure hold.
  3. Snap the Magnetic Hoop Clip onto the bottom frame of Snap Hoop.
  4. Smooth the front of the cap onto the sticky stabilizer.
  5. You're ready to stitch!

Because we know you'll want to try your Magnetic Hoop Clip right away, every order includes a two-tone khaki ball cap with forest green visor ready to stitch!