Omnigrid 18 x 24 Compact Rotary Cutting Kit (OMN24FM18RC) - Myers Sewing

Omnigrid 18 x 24 Compact Rotary Cutting Kit (OMN24FM18RC)

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Rotary cutting kit with folding mat 18" x 24" folds to 12" x 18". Cutting mat folds for transport and storage, has 45 degree diagonal lines, left and right hand numbering, and a non-skip cutting across folding edge. The 45mm rotary cutter is pressure-sensitive for easy use and safety, the soft-cushion handle provides a firm grip and reduces wrist strain and fatigue, left and right-hand use without blade change. Also included is a 3" x 18" Omnigrip ruler, which has slip-resistant ink on underside, patented double site-lines, left and right hand numbering with 30, 45, and 60 degree angle-lines and a 1/8" grid-marked section for miniatures and scrapbooking.