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“Put your projects in an entirely new light with the Baby Lock Solaris. With the revolutionary new IQ Visionary™ Technology, you’ll see how your design looks before you stitch it out! Solaris’ built-in projector displays your stitches and embroidery patterns on fabric in vibrant full color for perfect placement every time”. - Baby Lock 

Technology Features

• WXGA IPS TFT LCD Color Touch Screen Technology
o Shows 16,777,216 colors
o Measures 10.1" diagonally (800 x 1280 pixels)
o Displays Clock and Date
• 3x faster processing speed
• Mpeg-4 movie/video play function
o Video display size 6.2" diagonally
o Exclusive 1GB Memory Storage for video
• IQ VisionaryTM Projector
• Projects your embroidery design in a 3" x 5" area
• Advance and select stiches from projection using the Dual Stylus
• Set width, length and left/right shift
• Projection of Guide Beam, Grid and Needle Beam for precision alignment of stitches
o Main and Sub line Options
o 3 Color Options (Red, White, Green)
o Line length Options
o Height and Width position options
o 45, 60 and 90 degree Angles
o Grid adjustable up to from 5mm to 30mm
o 4 adjustment levels on projection light
• NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for embroidery and sewing
positioning with faster scanning.
• Precise Touch Positioning™ using NeedleCam
• Camera detecting buttonhole foot with stabilization plate
o Creates up to 45mm buttonhole
• IQTM Designer with paper holding frame for image scanning
o LCD screen size can be enlarged to 1280 x 800 pixels
o Will automatically create an embroidery pattern from a
JPEG image
o Drawing area is 3-3/4" x 5-11/16" (96mm x 145mm)
o 90 Preloaded open, closed and region shapes
o Able to select different line colors and fill colors
o 18 Different stitch patterns: running, bean, satin, no
outline, chainstitch, blanket, blindhem, candlewicking
and 10 decorative stitch outlines
o 33 Different fill patterns: regular fill, no fill, Stipple inside
or around a shape, and 30 decorative pattern fills
o Duplicate and paste editing preloaded shapes
o Adjust line, fill and stippling width, length and density
o Undersewing options
o Undo and Redo options
o Outline stamp shape creation for Trapunto techniques
• 2 scanning modes
o Fine - For illustrations
o Standard - For line drawings
• Enhanced Stadium Lighting for 13" area of brighter true color
LED lighting on the needle and work area with 5 settings
• 2 (Type A) USB 2.0 drives to connect a mouse Flash drives, Hub and CD-ROM drives
• SD Card Slot
• Wireless Wi-LAN Function data transfer Technology (Requires Palette 11 version software)
• NeverMiss™ Automatic Advanced Threading System
• Digital Dual-Feed System ensures utmost fabric control when feeding layers or difficult fabric types

• Advanced Pivoting Feature and Automatic Fabric Sensor
• Automatic sensors
o Thread tension control makes tension adjustments for
accurate stitches
o Upper and lower thread sensors on/off
o Upper and lower thread sensors to alert when threads run out
o On-screen hoop sensor to recommend size of hoop
• Embroidery and sewing speed up to 1,050 spm
• Precise tracking system on embroidery carriage
• Resume mode
• Programmable shutoff capabilities
• Eco power mode

Embroidery Capabilities

• 740 Embroidery designs built-in including
o 355 Baby Lock exclusives
o 35 Sewlebrity designs
o 15 Buttonhole embroidery designs in 3 sizes (45 total)
o 15 Buttonhole embroidery frame designs
o 240 Large decorative stitch designs
o 10 Quilting Border Patterns
• 140 Frame combinations
• 31 font styles including
o Extra-large striped alphabet and characters (100 total)
o Extra-large block alphabet and characters (100 total)
o Exclusive script alphabet and characters (70 total)
o Large floral block alphabet (64 total)
o Large vine alphabet (60 total)
o Greek alphabet (24 total)
• Embroiders up to 10 5/8" x 16" (272mm x 408mm) embroidery
• 10 5/8" x 16" hoop has new locking mechanism and silicone
side grips for slip free fabric support
• Memory capacity approximately 9MB
• Reads embroidery designs with a stitch capacity of up to
850,000 stitches per design
• Color Visualizer with pinnable color selections
• WXGA IPS TFT Color LCD Touch Screen shows
o Design placement using drag/drop and slide/scroll/pinch
capacitive capabilities
o Enhanced Realistic Preview
o Screen brightness with 5 settings
o Design previews can be enlarged 200%
o Needle positioning grid and hoop selections
o Needle position image can be enlarged 200%
o Estimated embroidery time display and stitch count
o Embroidery progress bar
o Stitch simulator
o Needle advancement (1, 10, 100, or 1000 stitch
o Measurements displayed in inches or metrics
o Color separation
o Thread color indicator
o On-screen hoop size indicator
o Low bobbin thread indicator
o 300 color names
o Screen saver customization
o Thumbnail images in 3 viewing sizes, defaults at 150%
• 9-Point trial check points

• Starting point key for instant alignment of characters or
• Alternate bobbin case for pre-wound bobbins
• Customize embroidery pattern and thumbnail back ground colors (66 options)
• On-screen grid
• Cuts jump stitches (with on/off capability)
• Embroidery frame clearance setting for easy bobbin changes
• Embroider without removing the foot control
• Compatible Ready for Optional W+ Needle Beam Foot and Mouse

Embroidery Editing Capabilities

• Combine embroidery designs on screen
• Character/text array function
• Character spacing
• Multi-line text with justification options
• Character insert and group edit capabilities
• Change fonts on letters or words after the design is set
• 0.1°, 1°, 10°, and 90° pattern rotation
• Enhanced design enlargement (up to 200%) and reduction (down to 60%) capabilities
• Design duplication
• Multiple design selection capabilities
• Automatic appliqué
• Automatic basting
• Add automatic stippling and echo stitching around
embroidery designs
o Set the distance, spacing and frame size
• Mirror imaging
• Change color selections within designs
• Enhanced color sorting to optimize sewing order
• Monochrome option for embroidery designs
• Programmable custom thread color selection
• 14 Major thread brands color palettes built-in

Advanced Sewing Capabilities

• 861 Built-in stitches including
o 151 Utility including 15 one-step buttonhole styles and 1
four-step custom buttonhole
o 527 Decorative
o 79 Decorative satin
o 20 Satin
o 21 Cross
o 63 Combinable Utility stitches
• 4 Built-in alphabets
• 30 Quilting stitches offer 57 needle position options
• Stitch length 0.0mm - 5.0mm
• 2 Basting stitch options: Regular 5mm and free-motion
• Maximum Utility stitch width 7mm
• Utility stitch editing capabilities
• 5 Memory settings for each Utility stitch
• Decorative stitch editing capabilities
o Edit and combine Character Decorative stitches
o Character/Decorative stitch memory equaling 1MB
o Satin stitch elongation
o Mirror-image
o Back to the beginning key
o Single and repeat mode
o Length width proportional linking key
• Sew Utility and Decorative stitches while embroidery arm is attached

• Automatic drop feed on screen
• Lock key for Utility and Decorative stitches
• Reinforcement priority settings
• Lateral and diagonal feeding
• Variable needle positions
• Fully automatic built-in darning
• Twin needle settings

Convenient Sewing Features

• Larger sewing bed and workspace with 13.1" to the right of the needle
• Frosted surface finish on machine bed
• Convenient one-touch buttons for
o Start/Stop
o Reverse sewing
o Reinforcement key
o Needle up/down
o Thread cutter
o Automatic presser foot lift
o Automatic needle threading
• Sewing speed control doubles as width control
• Quick-Set, Top-Loading bobbin with sensor
• Quick-Set Independent bobbin winding system with
o 4 Adjustable speed settings
o 5 Variable bobbin filling settings
• One finger removable needle plate for easy access cleaning
• Ergonomic 3-position, adjustable knee lift with extra high
presser foot lift - 10mm Automatic and 13mm Manual
• Programmable 3-step needle up/down
• Adjustable volume with 5 settings
• Automatic thread cutter (with on/off capability)
• Needle plate with scale in inches and centimeters and
additional guideline markings
• Free arm
• Foldable king two spool thread stand attaches magnetically to machine lid
• Two accessory storage compartments in sewing tray
• Enhanced Accessory Storage Box with 3 interchangeable trays
• Compatible Ready for Optional Multi-Function Foot Control

Instruction and Help Resources

• Built-in Instructions and Reference Manual
• Built-in Operational Guide with up to 40 help topics and
33 built-in videos (videos available via downloadable update)
• Built-in Sewing Application Guide
• Built-in Help Messages
• Embroidery Stitch Count System – SCS
• Capability to save settings screen images

Included Accessories

• Dual Stylus and Holder
• Adjustable knee lifter
with 3-position handle
• 14 Presser feet
o Digital Dual-Feed System Foot
o Embroidery foot "W"
o General purpose zigzag
o Blind stitch
o Camera Detecting Buttonhole Foot with stabilization plate
o Button fitting
o Free-motion open toe quilting
o Free-motion quilting
o Free-motion echo
o Monogramming
o Overcasting
o 1/4" Quilting foot with a guide
o Straight stitch foot
o Zipper
• Easy-lock accessory case for presser foot storage with 3 interchangeable trays
• 2 Thread king spool stand for larger cones
• Straight stitch needle plate
• Bobbin case and cover for embroidery
• Bobbin Covers with and without markings
• Alternate bobbin case for use with pre-wound bobbins
• Bobbin center pin
• Embroidery bobbin thread
• Bobbins
• Embroidery Positioning Stickers (2 Sheets)
• White needle calibration stickers
• Multi-position screwdriver
• Presser foot adaptor
• Seam ripper
• Scissors
• Eyelet Punch
• Spool net
• Foot control
• Twin needle
• Scanning frame with Magnets
• Embroidery hoops
o 10 5/8" x 16"
(272mm x 408mm)
o 9 1/2" x 9 1/2"
(240mm x 240mm)
o 5" x 7"
(130mm x 180mm)
o 4" x 4"
(100mm x 100mm)

Additional Information

• Language conversion capabilities (12 languages)
• Machine Hoop required space clearance 32" from front to
• Warranty (25 years limited, 10 years parts, 5 years computer circuit, 5 years electrical, 1 year labor)