Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing
Valiant (BMV10) - Myers Sewing

Valiant (BMV10)

Baby Lock
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"Show your true valor and adventurous spirit with the new multi-needle machine from Baby Lock. It's the perfect choice when you're looking for industrial power on a home embroidery machine. The Valiant provides the ease of a home machine while helping you create even the most intricate embroidery designs. Let the Valiant machine help your business venture grow". - Baby Lock 

Semi-Industrial Features

• 10 needles - 1 position for each needle
• Maximum embroidery speed -1,000 stitches per minute
o High speed acceleration for embroidery
• Maximum embroidery fill stitching speed -1,000 stitches per minute
• Embroiders up to 7-7/8” x 14” (200mm x 360mm) embroidery field or optional 14” x 14” (360mm x 360mm)
frame using Palette Software
• LCD Maximum reading capacity:
o 500,000 stitches, or 127 color changes

Technology Features

• Color LCD Touch Screen IPS (TFT)
o Shows 16,777,216 colors
o Measures 10.1” diagonally
• NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for perfect embroidery positioning
• NeedleCam™ Digital Camera for embroidery and sewing positioning with 5X faster scanning, 3X higher resolution
• Precise Touch Positioning™ using NeedleCam
• Live Camera Positioning
• Color Touch Screen shows:
o Design placement using drag and drop capabilities
o Estimated embroidery time display and stitch count
o Embroidery progress bar
o Needle advancement (1, 10, 100 or 1000 stitch increments)
o Measurements displayed in inches or metrics
o 200% Design magnification on screen
o Color separation
o Thread color indicator
o On-screen hoop size indicator shows standard and optional hoops
o Stitch simulator
o Thread warning indicator
o 300 color names
o Screen saver customization
o Customizable mouse pointer
• 2x faster CPU processing speed
• Mpeg-4 movie/video play function
• Exclusive Memory Storage for video
• Software/Connectivity - 3 USB drives
o 2 (Type A) drives, version 2.0 connects with flash drives, CD-Rom drives, mouse, and hub
o 1 (Type B) USB direct connect to a PC
o 1 SD card connection capability
• Linking capabilities allow up to 4 machines to connect to Palette 9 or later software through a powered hub
• Reads multiple formats
• Upgradeable through USB connection

IQ Designer - Free Update 11/2016

• Image scanning frame with magnets
• On-screen drawing capabilities
• Automatically create an embroidery pattern from a JPEG image
• 90 Preloaded open, closed and region shapes
• Able to select different line colors and fill colors
• 6 Different stitch patterns: running, bean, satin, no outline, chain stitch, and candlewicking
• 13 Different fill patterns: regular fill, no fill, stipple, and 10 decorative pattern fills
• Duplicate and paste editing preloaded shapes
• Adjust line, fill and stippling width, length and density properties
• Undersewing options
• Outline stamp shape creation for Trapunto techniques
• 2 scanning modes
o Fine- For illustrations
o Standard- For line drawings

Customizing Features

• Built-in embroidery designs
o 120 Designs
o 100 large decorative stitch designs
o 10 Buttonhole embroidery designs in 3 sizes (30 total)
o 10 Buttonhole embroidery designs in 3 sizes (30 total)
• 41 Fonts including
o Baby Lock exclusive script
o Large floral alphabet
o Large block alphabet
o Greek letters
o Line alphabet
o Renaissance alphabet
o Striped alphabet
o Vintage alphabet
o Vine alphabet
o Greek applique alphabet
o Block alphabet
o 3 Monogram fonts and 15 frame designs
o 140 Frame combinations
• Combine embroidery designs on screen
• Character/text array function
• Character spacing
• Multi-line text
• Character insert and group edit capabilities
• 0.1°, 1°, 10°, and 90° Pattern rotation
• Enhanced design enlargement (up to 200%) and reduction (down to 60%) capabilities
• Needle forward and reverse position placement (1, 10, 100 or 1,000 stitch increments)
• Intuitive forward and reverse placement by touchable progress bar and direct number input
• Design duplication (up to 20 times in both directions)
• Enhanced design grouping /ungrouping allows designs or letters to move as a group
• Color Visualizer with pin-able color selections
• Direct Spool Selection to change color selections within designs
• Continuous border capabilities
• Automatic appliqué
• Automatic basting
• Automatic stippling, set distance around embroidery designs
• Mirror imaging
• Enhanced color sorting
• Monochrome option for embroidery designs
• Short stitch delete
• Instant needle edge placement with 9 starting and 9 ending positions
• Thread color display in 6 options
• Custom color displays in 3 options:
o Original Palette, Custom Palette 1,
Custom Palette 2
• Hoop sensor advises hoop size for design chosen
• Hoop display shows hoop options onscreen based on frame holder chosen
• Stitch simulator previews design on screen
• On-screen count and running time system

Convenience Features

• 5 LED lights with dimming settings to illuminate work area
• LED spool stand lighting aids in thread placement and lights for thread spool warning
• Built-in memory (10MB) stores embroidery designs to the machine’s memory
• Bobbin system: front loading, vertical rotary hook
• Push button, automatic needle threaders
• Upper thread breakage sensors
• Manual tension controls
• Automatic thread trimmer (upper and lower)
• Needle bar/frame move key extends the hoop for easy access to the design while still attached to the machine
• Oiling Key automatically places the race in the correct position for oiling
• Start/Stop button with lock feature
• On-screen speed control
• Uses pre-wound bobbins
• Choose units of measure (in. or mm.)
• Built-in stylus holder
• Support Features
• Built-in operation guide with videos
• Built-in help messages
• Auto save feature - automatically saves last design when power is turned off or a power failure occurs

Included Hoops

o 7-7/8” x 14” (200mm x 360mm)
o 5-1/8” x 7-1/8” (130mm x 180mm)
o 4” x 4” (100mm x 100mm)
o 1-1/2” x 2-3/8” (40mm x 60mm)


Additional Info

• Shipping weight (130 lbs. or 59 kg.)
• Machine weight (94 lbs. or 42.5 kg)
• Warranty (25 years product casting, 5
years circuit boards, 5 years electrical, 2
year parts, 1 year labor)